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Displayport to DVI-D Cable with no adapters needed. Converts from the digital video DisplayPort to DVI-D. Perfect for connecting new PC"s to older monitors. Only works in one direction - so can only be used for DP sockets on PCs and laptops to DVI-D screens and NOT from DVI-D sockets on Ah bleep, I have had the adapter in a box for the last few months because I couldnt get it working and forgot, its actually DisplayPort to DVI, not HDMI. I cant try with a different monitor sorry. I have used DVI on this monitor before though so I know that works. Displayport to DVI-D Adapter: Monitor not workingI have your Displayport to DVI-D adapter and I am pluging into it a DVI-D to VGA adapter and my VGA montior gives the message no input signal. While FreeSync can work with both HDMI and DP (v1.2a), Nvidia exclusively requires the DisplayPort connector.There are three different DVI ports: DVI-A for the analog video signal, DVI-D for digital, and DVI-I (integrated) for both. My geforce 3 doesnt have a dvi out and I have a dvi monitor. So I figured that I could buy a vga to dvi converter and it would work. For some reason though, I get no signal from it. I bought a DVI splitter and connected it on the 24 DVI port. connect PC -> TV : workingTimAllan:Do either the TV or PC monitor work when only one is plugged into the DVI splitter? Not, I read the splitter must be connect to both OUT to work. SDI, Displayport, HDMI or DVI: Whats the best way toVGA, DVI, HDMI oder DisplayPort - Was ist der besteAdaptateur DVI-D Mle / DVI-I Femelle - DVI Gnrique sur LDLC Find out why. Close. VGA to DVI-D converter not working. Kevin Lo.VGA vs DVI vs HDMI vs DisplayPort (AKIO TV) - Duration: 7:36.

dvi-d doesnt. The DVI to VGA monitor was a dell 5:4 monitor and the displayport and DP to HDMI was on an LG 29um67. I tried to swap out the 7570 for a GTX 650, and it worked with HDMi and VGA, both direct connections. In this video you can see my husband Felipe changing DVI-I port to DVI-D. Will it work or not see in the end of experiment. :) Hope you love andHDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA: Which cable should I use? DVI Output 2 HDMI-Output 1 DisplayPort 1 You can go 4 digital outputs. One of the DVI includes the analog. It is the one with the 4 extra socket " I bought a VGA to HDMI cord" - they do not work. HDMI is digital and VGA is analog. I purchased a Displayport to DVI-D Cable to hook up my GTX 1080 to my Monitor (DP from GTX 1080 to DVI-D on monitor) and it isnt working. Windows is still detecting only 2 displays (1 monitor via DP and another via HDMI). hey guys i am anxious to get my 3 monitors working. i went out and bought my displayport to dvi adapter today. my monitor is vga. however i just wanted to make sure that if i hook a dvi to vga adapter onto the displayport to dvi connector that Make DVI-D connector easily from DVI-I connectorRecently we bought a led tv.

I wanted to use it as my pc monitor. The tv has a HDMI port but my pc dont haveBut this will not work for DVI to VGA converters because you are cutting the analog pins and VGA is analog. Having dug further into this the only way I could get it to work at 2560x1440 (through DVI that I need) was to buy a Dell BizLink DisplayPort to DVI-D dual link USB powered adapter which while it was another 80 does work displayport not working windows 10.Mini DisplayPort DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual Link Converter www.lindy.co.uk. 6ft DisplayPort to DVI Video Cable - M/M | DisplayPort to sgcdn.startech.com. I have your Displayport to DVI-D adapter and I am pluging into it a DVI-D to VGA adapter and my VGA montior gives the message no input signal detected and doesnt work. Is there a way to make this work? Im on the mini-DisplayPort adapter, right now.Do you mean to say youve done that, and the integrated graphics do not work, HDMI<->DVI, either? So, I ordered some longer DVI cables from Newegg.com. Turns out that both of my displays ports are DVI-D and that the cables were DVI-I.I understand that it could possibly cause confusion (Why is analog not working with my display over my DVI-I cable?), but I think thats much less likely and In fact, a standard passive Mini Displayport -> DVI adapter cant use (or see) the second link. You could check if a lower resolution works - if it does, this would indicate that the cables suffer from too much interference to carry high resolutions. Requires separate DVI cable. Package Includes: Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter.Customer Reviews. Rated 5 out of 5 by Flav106 from works as expected Works well with Microsoft Surface Book port replicator and Dell monitor where other products did not. DB:3.55:Mac Mini (Late 2009) And Minidisplay Port To Dvi (Dont Function) sp. Hi, Connecting a Samsung Display with the Mini DisplayPort to DVI is not working. I tried using a Samsung SyncMaster BX2440 and a SyncMaster 710T without success. Some cookies are essential to ensure our website works for you. You may block or delete all cookies from this site but parts of the site may not work.Discontinued - DVI to DisplayPort Adapter Converter with Audio - 1920x1200. Most monitor DVI inputs are DVI-D because they only accept a digital signal. If it is a DVI-I input, you could certainly try it but my money is on it not working. I think most monitors have like a DVI-I port internally and the split it to VGA and DVI-D which cuts costs. Throughout our years working on editorial content, weve had to learn about all the pros and cons of different interface versioning and cable standards.First of all, heres a table we put together -- its split into different types of display connections (DVI Dual-Link vs. HDMI vs. DisplayPort), internal - I purchased two ACCELL B087B-005B DisplayPort DVI-D Active Adapters in order to enable a third display.- Should the DP/DVI-D DVI-D LCD combo work? (I have read conflicting reports on this). My computer has 2 DVI-Ds and 1 HDMI for the video ports. I have had a monitor that was VGA only for some time. It works fine, so i got a second monitor that was the same size when i got my computer last year. The new monitor has a DVI port and is working fine. Ive got a replacement adapter sent out and it still doesnt work. Is USB-C to DVI-D just not possible?How to daisy-chain monitors (with DisplayPort) from Thunderbolt USB Type-C ports, like the new 2016 Macbook Pro? I have however stumbled across getting it to work and it does seem to turn on and work fine so I know that the DVI adapter>VGA setup in my case works sort of.

It seems that every time I turn off the computer or it goes in to sleep mode. A few hours ago I bought myself a mini displayport to DVI connector, however, Im not getting it to work.I just bought a Samsung XL2370HD monitor/tv and cant get the mini display port to DVI connection working - from my MBP or my new MBA. , VGA to DVI-D converter not working. 2017-02-17. More like thisDVI-D DL ( Dual Link ) to VGA ( D-Sub ) adapter minor problem, on the VGA ( D-Sub ) side one of the bolt down holders is not threaded. Highlights Displayport Male to DVI-D Male, 6ft. Molded ends 1080p resolution. Applications Allows a DVI monitor to be connected to a computer with DisplayPort video connection Note: Does not work in reverse. solved VGA to DVI-D TO HDMI not working. solved Which would be the best adapter for an analogue screen, HDMI-VGA, DisplayPort-VGA, or DVID-VGA?See also. solved Dvi-D to Vga adapter not working. Related Resources. solved DVI-D adapter on VGA-cable into DVI-port on Gtx 1050Ti not working, I dont know what Im doing solved GTX 1060 VGA - DVI-D not working. My Single Link DVI->HDMI Adapter did not work at all (white screen w/ Lines and only one screen came on), 1080p screenActive adapters (at least for DisplayPort-to-HDMI) dont seem to work. Well, my Club3 D HDMI 2.0 one seems to be working fine, so I think you need a larger sample size. It is probably a DVI-I to VGA since DVI-I carries a analoge signal and DVI-D doesnt. No a DVI-I to VGA adapter will NOT work on a DVI-D port. A DVI-D to VGA adapter is expensive and quite often has all kinds of issues. Highlights Displayport Male to DVI-D Male, 10ft Molded ends 1080p Resolution. Applications Allows a DVI monitor to be connected to a computer with DisplayPort video connection Note: Does not work in reverse. The DVI port on my Hanns-g LCD stopped working?How can the DVI port on the monitor work for the DVD player but not with a conputer hooked to it. FYI - the monitor went bad while I was loading Windows 7 on a backup computer. So I bought an adapter (DVI-D dual link male to VGA female) and it is not working.DisplayPort is also compatible with HDMI. In these motherboard you can only do 2 displays if you use 1 of the digital ports and the VGA. Product - 3 in 1 Mini Displayport to DP HDMI DVI Adapter Mini Display Port to DVI-D DisplayPort HDMI Adapter Cable For MAC Pro AIR. Ive got a replacement adapter sent out and it still doesnt work. Is USB-C to DVI-D just not possible? Should I try USB-C to VGA or HDMI.Or Thunderbolt (DisplayPort)? I have a single VG278HE plugged into the DVI-D port of my STRIX 970 and it works perfectly. Might be a display incompatibility?I ran into a issue with one of my Displayports would not display video because It likely shares the same ramdac as the dvi port. Unlike DVI, which in the DVI-I configuration has both digital and analog pinouts, DisplayPort (and mini-DisplayPort) are purely digital.Mini-Displayport to DVI adapter not working, but Mini-Displayport to VGA and Thunderbolt work fine. Highlights Displayport Male to DVI-D Male, 10ft Molded ends 1080p Resolution. Applications Allows a DVI monitor to be connected to a computer with DisplayPort video connection Note: Does not work in reverse. These paintings and photos to help you better understand what implied under this or that words (tags) " Displayport To Dvi Not Working" in detail. Reminder: you need to remember about copyright. I have a connection for a DVI-D and VGA on my computer. I am trying to connect dual monitors. I can connect either monitor using the DVI-D cable. So that tells me that both monitors are working and can connect to the computer via DVI-D. My monitors, 2x Dell P2414H, has ports for VGA, displayport and DVI-D. My displayport to displayport cord works fine for bSingle monitor on DisplayPort works single display on DVI port also works. I recently bought a Mini DisplayPort to DVI and DVI/DVI cable to connect to my monitor.I still dont understand why the only combination that did not work was using the two cables I bought - any ideas? Would also like to know if there is a way to get the monitor working with the cables I bought. Supports Single-Link DVI or Dual-Link DVI with a Built in Active Protocol Converter. It also supports DisplayPort 1.1a, HDCP Version 1.3 and DVI Version 1 standards.Also does not work with DVI to VGA adapters. With many new graphics cards, unless at least one of your monitors has DisplayPort support or is connected using VGA, an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter is needed in order to get a picture on more than two digitally connected monitors at the same time.

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