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Posted by Guest - What Does Icloud Locked Mean On Iphone? : What does it mean when they say the iphone is icloud locked. I see alot of cheap iphones that I can buy online but many of them describe the phone as icloud locked. Well explain what the Cleaning message means, what its doing, and also what it means you, the iOS device user, should do when you see it.I use an app called CM Security on my iPhone and iPad. Its available from the App Store and is fantastic. iPhone icons and what they mean. Joshua Schnell | Friday, July 10th, 2009.This little application eats up battery life, so if you have no idea what it means you should probably disable bluetooth in your phones settings. iPhone Radiation Monitor App Rejected by Apple. mSpot App Streams Music From Cloud to iPhone. Find Deals on Holiday Shopping With Visa iPhone App.When it says that it means your Instagram photo album on your phone not your actual Instagram. It simply means that your "current location" finding is enabled to give your friends a real time status about where you are located. If you want to disable it please go into settings and you can easily disable it and it will not bother you again. Apple iPhone 5 is the first mobile handset that uses new LTE wireless networks that stands for Long-Term Evolution.

The first thing that I were considering initially was to delete some large game Apps. But when I connected to my computer, I noticed that a "Other" bar was consuming 5.9 GB of my iPhones 13.57 GB. Does anyone know what the Other means on my iPhone? Part 1: What Is Other on My iPhone. For the users new to Apple eco-system, the Other on your iPhone may be something of a mystery.It means however you take care your iPhone, you just cannot completely remove Other from your iPhone. Why do I have a crescent moon next to the time on my iphone? How long do I need to leave my Iphone in rice after it got wet? What does it mean when an iPhone text message as a half Moon crescent symbol next to it? What is TextInPut on iPhone? If you dont know what jailbreaking or unlocking means, then read on because youre just about to get a crash course on iPhone hacking.I wrote many tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone, depending on what iPhone and what firmware you have. Hi, a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two. best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

the service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of Does this mean that it doesnt work on the iPhone 6 Plus? 0. 11 months . Jul 6, 2017. For instance, you could send confetti alongside aI cannot find this screen on my phone to send this message with my texts - what am I message "(sent with Gentle Effect)", or similar, when people send messages to you? I am hoping you might like it. That photograph (What is the Moon Symbol On My iPhone Lovely why is there A Crescent Moon Next to A Text Message In Ios 9) previously mentioned is usually branded together with: what does a moon symbol on my iphone mean In this video, we talk about Emergency SOS, a new iPhone safety feature that makes it easy to contact 911 or local emergency services when youre in trouble. What does it mean to restore you iPhone?Many times, people are confused with the terminology here, and theyre not clear about what does it mean to restore iPhone. Whats This? Apple CEO Steve Jobs is pictured during the presentation of the iPhone in Berlin, 19 September 2007.Jobs followed these statements with a slide that expanded upon what else the i means to Apple Sync means copying new apps, music, video, or books from iTunes to your phone, or from your phone to iTunes. You can think of it this way: backup saves a copy of stuff youve created, and sync copies media you have downloaded via the iTunes Store. In this article, Ill explain what it means to offload an app on your iPhone and discuss whether or not its a good idea to offload unused apps.As you can see in the screenshot below, I can save over 700 MB by enabling Offload Unused Apps on my iPhone! "What does this iPhone symbol mean?". Thats a question we hear a lot at Macworld.

Most of the time the iPhone and iOS are wonderfully easy to use, but the iPhone does show a lot of symbols, icons and alerts. What It Means to Clear Cookies and Data. Clicking on this option in the iPhone removes all of this data. This option only clears the data from the built-in Safari Web browser. What does the E and coffee cup symbol mean on my cell phone?11/15/2011 Best Answer: It means theyre onilne with a mobile device, If your friend uses an iphone it probabply, the symbol will stay there even when hes offline. What does this iPhone symbol mean is a question we hear a lot at Macworld. While the iPhone and iOS are as easy to use as possible, the iPhone shows many symbols, icons and alerts. What Does It Mean to Jailbreak an iPhone?Can I Fix My iPhone If Something Goes Wrong? Maybe. Some users have reported that they were able to connect a malfunctioning iPhone to iTunes and restore it to its original settings, which resolved the problem. Invisible ink: Covers the bubble in. Does this mean that it doesnt work on the iPhone 6 Plus? 0. 11 months . Sep 13, 2016.I cannot find this screen on my phone to send this message with my texts - what am I message "(sent with Gentle Effect)", or similar, when people send messages to you? Any idea what that means? It wont let me enter the captcha.I was trying to look up how to delete tweets from the twitter iphone app, so I used google on my safari and got a page saying that I could not access google b/c of "unusual traffic" on my network. what does it mean when you can see quarter moon on screen.Similar Threads. Why wont my iPhone display the live wallpaper option in settings? By iMore Question in forum iPhone. In the case of your iPhone, this will be 0682 which means its a communication device and corresponds with the regulations set out for selling such a deviceI hope you know more about your phone now if you found anymore secrets in or on our phone, dont hesitate to ask us what they mean! An iPhone running iOS 7 is a powerful device, and is easy to customize. The icons (or apps) on your phone help you communicate, organize your schedule, and provide hours of entertainment straight from your phone.How to Get Emoticons on My IPhone. I cannot find this screen on my phone to send this message with my. If so, you will need to update your phone to iOS 10.For instance, if she sends me a text on my phone using What does sent with gentle effect mean iphone. What it Means for Google and RIM. I think the biggest iPhone growth wont come from ATT customers, but from existing Verizon customers currently using a Blackberry or Android device. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. If someone has my ICCID for my iPhone, what can they do with it?The SIM card number is Iccid or Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, this means your SIM card number is unknown. But "What does each emoji mean on iPhone", people ask. Many people want to know it generally because they are curious about it or they want to use it in the correct situation. If you have the same question, read on to learn how to find out the meanings of emojis on your iPhone. To "unbrick my iPhone" would mean to get a non-working iPhone working again.Depends on what exactly "bricked" means in this specific case because the word is often misused by people who dont understand the usual context. Ever wondered what i in the iPhone stood for? Here is the answer! Apple has been naming its devices with a i prefix.Have you wondered what the i in all the prefixes means? Why Apple prefers naming its products starting with a i. If it doesnt load, it means theres a problem with your network. On the other side, if it does load, its the recipient of the message who has an issue, like having iMessage turned off or network problems.What should I do if my iPhone doesnt send pictures? Learn what your iPhone symbols mean. With all the different iPhone symbols and functions, it can be difficult for even the most proficient iPhone user to keep them all straight. There are two main reasons why you might notice a circle on your iPhone screen. Wait a minutes, what does it mean to jailbreak an iPhone, iPad or iPod? In plain terms, jailbreaking an iPhone means breaking it out of its jail.6. SBSettings. This is the feature I enjoy most on my jailbroken iPhone. Sure, Apple has an inbuilt settings but SB Settings saves me the trouble of goian But does anyone know what the Other means on my iPhone?Read here how to reset your iPhone and iPad. Since iTunes is slow and troublesome on Windows PC, and every time you sync our iPhone with iTunes will take lot of time. TOS is the Worlds most advance phone spy app to monitor mobile and spy PC.Which means you might leave them anywhere.Find My iPhone will show you where its been over the last 24 hours. To from My Track Right the iPhone Computer What is Way The app is easy to install and monitor us cellular Well go over what HDR means, why and when to use HDR photography, as well as how to use HDR on your iPhone. HDR mode on your iPhone camera makes a big difference in the right situations, such as when taking a photo of land and sky. just checked the xcode settings,under project summary->Devices , ipad was selected and was installing the build on iphone. Its working now.What does "approach zero" really mean? Mathematica thinks (-1)n is non-real. Whats more, changes to make onscreen animations shorter will also slow down the installation process. itll be worth it. Apple watchers and former staffers say that these behindthescenes tweaks will make a major difference to how iPhones and iPads work. What does the lock with a circle around it mean in the top right corner of my iPhone 5c. It means that your screen rotation is locked.What does "unable to connect to server" mean on my Iphone 4S when trying to access mail? First off, photos you have taken on your iPhone with default photo app will NOT sync back to your computer via iTunes. On a Mac you must use the "Image Capture" application that typically launches when you connect an iPhone. The iPhone 5 is Apples first mobile handset that uses new "LTE" wireless networks. Whats LTE and why should you care? Here are some answers.Q: My iPhone 4S already says it connects to "4G." Doesnt that mean LTE? Read this guide to learn how . "Gentle Effect" screen on IPhone 6. December 10, 2016 9:14 AM Subscribe. I cannot find this screen on my phone toIn this article, Ill explain how to turn off effects in the Messages app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod so . What does sent with gentle effect mean. - On an iphone 5 what does it mean when the callers number shows up in red. Why are some numbers highlighted in grey for iphone 6?What does it mean on my iphone when a recent call is in red? When you open iTunes and connect your iPhone with computer, and you will find a option "Restore iPhone" next to "Check for Update" in the Summary subsection. Many people have doubt the button. Then, what does "Restore iPhone" mean? Heres what that means and what you need to do about it.It appears that the problem is actually real, and has already occurred for one iPhone 7 user getting a warning message on the Lock screen reading The Home Button May Need Service. Heres what the symbols on the back of your iPhone mean.Have you ever looked at the back of your iPhone and thought, "What do all these random symbols and numbers even mean?" Well — heres what each one means, and why theyre even there in the first place.

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