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name means God Vishnu - GURPREET : Indian male name means The loved one of the Guru or God - HAAMID : Indian male name means Praising (God) Loving (God) - HAIMA : Indian female name means Goddess Parvati SnowGirl Names That Mean "Moonlight". Baby Names Meaning "Light". Thought to derive from the Latin amabilis meaning loveable, this name is also a combination of Anne and the French word belle meaning beautiful.Jed Loved by God. Girl Names related to God - Page 6. Chioma. God is good an African and Igbo name of infrequently used as a baby name forDeifila. loved by God has its origins in the Old Greek not popular as a baby girl name Deodata. NAME. MEANING. Agamjot. Gods light. Agampreet. The lover of God. Ajinder. Victorious. Akalbir. Gods immortal warrior. Akalpreet. One who loves the Timeless Being.

Girl. Prenita. Gift/ loved by all.Girl. Hindu Baby Names Meaning Miracle/Wonder/Magic.

Aghartha. Supernatural. Boy. Ahti. Myth name of a God of magic. Gods Goddess Names. Ancient, vedic, epic names.Sanskrit girl baby names. Names for your house, villa.Kali The great Goddess, A form of Durga, Maa Kali Kalinda The sea Kalpana Imagine, A fantasy Kalyani Auspicious, Fortunate Kama The golden one, Love Kamala, Kamla Sabella, meaning God is my oath, Latin baby names, Hebrew baby names, English baby names, S baby girl names, S baby names, female names, feminine names, whimsical baby names, baby girl names, traditional names, names that start withHaelyn - love this baby girl name! Hayden for boy. Amadeo comes from Italian and means loved by God. 22. Agapius.Amator is a Latin name that is said to mean one who loves. 30 Baby Names That Mean Love for Girls. 1. Milada. Baby girl names meaning love. Your daughter was created out of love, so it is only fitting you give her a name that literally means love.Amada: Beloved. Aphrodite: Goddess of love. Theophilia: Loved by God. Complete 2018 list of God baby girl names and their origin, meaning, history, popularity and more.Amadea From Latin. "Gods love." Amadeo (TOP 23), Amadei (80) are popular last names. Feminine of Amadeus Whether youre having a boy or a girl, our list of baby names that mean love or are inspired by love will give you the perfect name for your new little one! Boys Names. Amadeo: Italian in origin lover of God. Abigail: Old Testament name meaning "fathers joy" Bethany: Biblical name meaning "the house of song" Charity: New Testament name meaning "love, faith and hope" Elizabeth: Hebrew name meaning "the oath or fullness of God" Faith: Greek name meaning "faithful" Judith Find list of names that means Loved By God, This tool will help you in finding list of names that has certain meaning, You can use this tool to name your baby with a name having similar meaning as your.Girl names. These meaningful baby girl names translate to happiness, love, light, wisdom and more.Baby Girl Names That Mean Wild for a Spitfire in the Making PREVIOUS STORY Baby Names Inspired by Real Princesses NEXT STORY. Baby Boy Names Baby Girl Names Popular Baby Names Unusual Baby Names Italian Baby Names Spanish Baby Names Ghetto Names.Amorette. Latin. Little Love. Amorita.Hebrew. Lion of God. Arilda. Teutonic. Abiba --- "The beloved one" Adabella --- "Lovely" Ahava --- "Love" Asmara --- " Love" Carys --- "To love" Ceri --- "Love" Milena --- "Peoples Love" Esme --- " Love" Janiya --- "Beloved" Kendi --- "The Loved One" Karenza --- "Love" Siran --- "Sweet love" Good luck on your book! God is with me. Anodiwa. The Loved One. Tadiwanashe. God has loved u Kandeya. One who goes roKim Kardashian And Kanye West Welcome Third Child Baby Girl. Queenslands Most Popular Baby Names for 2017 Revealed. Noel Coward later named a character Amanda in Private Lives. 4. Amor. Spanish. girl. Love. 5. Amora. Spanish.boy. Uncertain whether god of love or luck. 25. Bogumil. Polish. boy. Gods love Gods peace. 26. Bohumil. Czech. boy. Gods love. 27. Boyet. All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings Search Name Meanings.Amadee. Female. loved by god. Latin-America. Not Rated. Amadeo. Male. loves god. Cuba. Dearly loved. The name Daryl for girls was made popular by actress Daryl Hannah. Darylene. English. Variations of Daryl meaning Dearly loved.Dieudonne. French Latin. God given or given by God (Submitted by Babies Online Member). Digna. Spanish. Aslaug. One who is solely devoted to God. Astred. An impulsive Girl with a divine strength. Astrid.Nekisha. A dearly loved person. Loved by all. Odina. Nap and impassiveness.An Old Norse name, meaning goddess of the dead. 200 Popular Baby Names Meaning Gift From God. Debolina Raja October 5, 2017.Recommended Articles: 30 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings. 52 Baby Names That Mean Luck, Destiny, Or Fortune For Boys And Girls. If you are considering a girl name that means beautiful or pretty, you could check out this huge collection of girl names.Etain: In the Irish myth of "The Wooing of Etain", Etain is a beautiful woman loved by the god Midir the Proud. I Would love a name that means faith forgiveness and love. GEMA. Please send me some beautiful names for baby boy and baby girls.Samantha (Hebrew)means: told by God. Hope this helps Blessings , Eren. The name consummately portrays what a sentimental infant kid name ought to be as Eros was the devious God of adoration and the child of Goddess Aphrodite. Girl Names That Mean Love French for I love you. A boy or girls name.Julia - From a Roman, possibly meaning youthful. Anne - Grace, or favoured by God. AMOR: Latin name meaning "love." In Roman mythology, this is an epithet applied to Cupid.KAMA (): Hindi myth name of the god of love and son of Lakshmi, meaning "desire, love."Girl Names A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Boy Names A, B, C, D, E, F This different and unique name means someone who is loving, kind and beautiful. Thus representing your beautiful baby girl.Here means north east or Shiva means lord Ishvaradatt - given by God, God-gift. It means God has answered.It is one the most famous names known in the Arab world. It means night and the beauty associated to it. It is preferable to girls who love spending a good time at time with their family or their friends. We do love to give our little girls names meaning lovely or names meaning pretty, thats true!Deolinda: Portuguese name meaning Beautiful God. Abila: Arabic name that means to be beautiful. If these Bad Girl names are too much for you, check out the list of names for Good Girls . Among the baddest, coolest baby girl names.Names. Meanings. Aphrodite. Goddess of Love Beauty. Name of the Day section is also present on this page, where you will find a new selected popular Christian name for boy and girl. We offer an updated list of Christian girl names along with their meaning, origin and popularity graph. This is the list of english girl names meaning Love or female names that mean Love which also serves as english girl baby names meaningAarviRenowned by God The Lord Remembers Whom Jehovah Remembered God Remembers Blooming Jupiter Venus Love Beautiful Worship Peace. You can search for the baby names by any meaning. Displaying page 1 of 11.Loves God. Girl names: Jadyn, Jaden Boy names: Jadon, Jayden. We hope this baby name information is useful to you. If you like this resource, tell your friends about the Christian Meaning ofI love this name, I did some research and it also means Yahweh(God) has heard and its also pronounced JAH-don. Aphrodite: Goddess of love. Theophilia: Loved by God. Cara: Beloved. Vida: Dearly loved.Girl names meaning "love". Shania Twain talks Vegas, new music and her beauty Nicole Kidman told an Australian magazine that her Girls Names A to Z - Baby Girl Name - Meanings Currently we have 1612 Girls Names Contains Meaning word God in our Tamil collection.Goddess of Love Durga. 1. Priyanta. Beloved Loveable Natural Gods Amadis (Latin) Loved by God. Amala (Arabic) Bird Beloved. Amanda (English) Worthy of Being Loved.Baby Name Meanings. Names by Gender. Baby Girl Names. Juana: This lovely name means gods grace. Doroata: With Greek roots, this name for a girl has the meaning a blessing. Bozidar: Perfect for your baby boy which means god has been gracious. Hindu Goddess Names. Baby Names By Meaning. Year wise Top 100 Names. Spiritual Names for Boys.Total 183 Hindu Girl names found for meaning having Love. Meaning of the name Origin of the name Names meaning Names starting with Names of origin. Home. Synonyms. Here are examples of baby girl names that mean love in different languages. Tesia. Polish. loved by God. Trudy.names that are a perfect fit in sound and meaning for your beloved little person. first and middle names, ones for nicknames, for twins and triplets. So if you want to remain traditional and are looking for some baby girl names with meaning Goddess Durga, then we have a list ofDevamata- Mother Goddess. Chinta- Tension. Ratnapriya- Adorned or loved by jewels.

If you are looking for names meaning Hindu god and Goddess, browse http Baby Names Meaning God, River, Eye, Moon, Light, Victory, Knowledge, Power. Free bonus: Free download latest BabyNames-2016 ebook.Girl. Adrito. Loved by Everyone Find Christian Name Meanings - Search BRAND NEW Database of 1000s of Biblical, Traditional, Strong Sweet baby names, popular boys and girl names with matching Scripturesloved by God. MEANING: aoibheann pleasant, beautiful, radiant." Eibhlin a Ruan" was a 17th century love-songMEANING: Form of Isabel which is a Spanish form of the Hebrew nameElisheba, meaning God is my oath."POPULAR PAGES. Irish Girl Names - Irish meanings and origins for baby girls names. We bring you list of beautiful and unique girl names with meanings.Ysabelle is an Italian mean which means consecrated to God. Numerology says that the people with this name tend to be more compassionate and loving in nature. Sikh girls name meaning Gods light. Ekampreet. Sikh girls name meaning Love for ones god. Ekanjeet. These are traditional baby girl names names that lasted through centuries and were loved by many generations.Irish name Zachary is derived from the Hebrew words, which mean "Remembered by God. This is a name for boy. This was the Both girls and boys are fruit of love and they love their parents. I think it is against Gods instructions to neglect girls and to name them inapropriately.St. Thomas remarks that if all virtue was given to a soul by God, the virtue. Names Male Islamic And Meaning Series of Baby Male Islamic.

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