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it needs some of session values which is controlled by codeigniter. how can i access CI session values from external files ?array(class, destroy)If using ci session with database then get the session cookie and query for a match in the database in the ci session table to verify session. This post explains how to use native PHP sessions ( the SESSION[] global array ) with CodeIgniter 2.1.0 in place of CodeIgniters default session storage.SESSION[key] value public function get( key ) . Im not quite sure why the username didnt appear on view page if i change the session data into array (im new in CodeIgniter).With above code, i can get the username on my dashboard view by echo username. codeigniter - store post data in session and display in view. 0. codeigniter setselect cant get data from session.Having issue with session in codeigniter. 0. Codeigniter-session value and passed argument to controller method. 0. Insert data into the database from checkbox array using Codeigniter. How can I access the array values? Answer 1.

logsessthis->session->userdata(loginsession) echo logsess[email] Please go through the codeigniter document as well. I am using PHP and codeigniter.I get the value of username to nirali which is expected - all good but for zoo I always get different value, I am expecting same value for the same session. Im trying to get multiple arrays in a CodeIgniter sessionThe else part works fine, but when there is already an array in the session it will put it like this in the session Public function addtoshortlist() . Shortlistarray(docid > array( GET[id])) If(!this->session->userdata(shortlist)[docid]) . This-> session->setuserdata(shortlist,shortlist) . Codeigniter Access DB object in another model. Codeigniter - in view while foreach-ing get rowim trying to use native SESSION arrays in Codeigniter beacause i cant use COOKIES arraysIm trying to validate my login form so that the field will have a min/max length before the values being array Input array. default Default value to be returned if array is not valid. Returns .Codeigniter Array Helper function element: Example.

x - Reload View with Different CSS File Using User Input. Woocommerce: Create short- code with parameters. how to get the value from placepicker while selecting on suggestion. I am using PHP and codeigniter. I am trying to set a variable in session.And when i call readsession() it prints Array ( [cilastregenerate] > 1489646422 [username] > nirali [zoo] Session value in codeigniter. I am using PHP and codeigniter. This will only print "Array". Looks like the values were discarded.Youll need to store the data into the session and then read it out of the session in test2.Since you have single dimensional array here, this should work in passing data to view in codeigniter How to get the latest array values from NsmutableArray.How to get a script table value in php codeigniter function via Ajax data:? Here is my code :