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But although my polygons get colored as they should, my labels dont change. If I test this with a point feature and no symbolization, my labels do change the way I want.Have you tried to realize the scale-dependent font size with a second context-function? . Im using server control ( label lbl1) and the attributes are added in the in the page load as. Font styling for the axis labels are given through the options.Style properties are given in camel case like in JavaScript. So fontFamily will work, but " font-family" will not.These configurations are meant for styling text, so properties like color, textUnderline, fontSize, fontFamily Blue Of course, youll also need to store the last label object you touched so you can de-highlight it. -Peter.change font color of label red. pritz. BOOK: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers ISBN: 978-0-7645-7908-0. 0. JavaScript label example.font-family: helvetica neue, helvetica, sans-serif letter-spacing: 1px text-transform: uppercase"2em"22.17.5. Set font size with form control. Unfortunately, this does not work natively. You can probaly extend DOM to make this work but it should be supported internally by JavaScript. background-color backgroundColor. font-style fontStyle. font-weight fontWeight. Box Properties. Name.See border width, style, and color. All. border: medium solid green. No. Javascript. Web Development.In This VB.NET Tutorial We Will See How To Change A Label Font Style And Color Using Radio Buttons In Visual Basic .NET Programming Language . You can use the Label.Attributes.Add() method to change the label size font family etc dynamically.protected void PageLoad(object sender, EventArgs e) lbltest.Attributes.Add(" style", "font-size:50px color:Red font-weightHighlight the available dates in kendo calendar control in Mvc JavaScript (0). label for"colourSelect">Your Colour: <.Cufon font replacement: How can I eliminate the flash of unstyled text that occurs when the page loads? How do I add style to content in JavaScript?

Stylelabelbordercolor. The fontcolor() method creates a HTML element that causes a string to be displayed in the specified font color.With the object you can get the elements style attribute and manipulate it more generically, for example Javascript font color. Hello All, I am using a javascript function I found on the internet to display a progress bar on the screen. My problem is that right now the progress bar "text", the text that moves across the screen to simulate that something is happening is black. Any idea whats wrong with it? Besides this, I wonder is there a way to change the label font color for a line in a chart?