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If you two really love each other and the relationship is good otherwise, just hang in there and try to work with him to compromise on something that both of you can live with. I try not to let my mind wonder about other women, but since he has cheated on you before My friends say Im making a mistake thinking of taking him back. That if he really did love me he would never have cheated in the first place.Its NOT your fault he cheated but its your responsibility to make sure he does not take your love and trust for granted. she says she loves me So instead of admitting that she has made another mistake She says she loves me and I dont know about love.Ironically, these are the reasons why he cheats on her. You are a liar and a cheater You said that you loved me but I guess that was just a lie"Whos she?" You say, already having an idea of what hes about to say. " II cheated on you" He says on the verge of tears "With her?" him back.I regret that I cheated on him.I love him so much. I cant lose him.He is extremely mad and said that he loves me but doesnt know how to get passed it. He said he needed time to just do him. Hes admitting to still loving me and knowing that Im sorry, but he said he cant trust meTheres a sixth reason why hell get you backin order that every time you make a mistakeor he makes a mistaketo throw into your face that you were a cheater. He sees me and says he loves me and he says I am so beautiful and tries to touch me but I will not let him.

He says he wasnt cheating, but hes with another girl. Today is his day tomorrow will be mine :). Thank you! He said he loved me but he was not contented with our intimate life.The man I was in love with cheated on me and I caught him. Of course he made it seem like I was the one messing aroundgo figure right? My BF of 3 years now says he loves me but we have not been intimate in a year . He tells me Im being dramatic when I get upset over him not showingI am 25 year old female and I can totally relate to this except no cheating that Im aware of . But he has never been a big affectionate person even He says that I never trusted him and he felt trapped. I was angry that he wasnt taking responsibilities for his own actions and instead blaming me.I took him back because I figured people make mistakes and I really did love him and wanted to try to make things work. The dilemma My boyfriend cant say I love you. He says it will take time. Weve been going out for a year and a half. For him actions speak louder than words. But he slept with another woman while drunk and travelling six months ago.

NOPE IF HE LOVES YOU HE WONT CHEAT OR HURT YOU! (: cheating is just cheating it wont change.if a man cheats on you just leave him even though he can say he love you just let him take a bow.there is no love in cheating. Tweet. Tweet. I was in what I thought was a serious relationship for a year and half with my best friend. He developed a crush on me and after me rejecting him for 6 months we finally started dating. I fell in love fast and hard and he seemed to feel the same way. I caught my husband cheating and instead of covering up, he straight up told me that he was tired of my body and everything else about me. He told me that yes, he loves me and always will, but that I was old, fat and basically worn out, lol. No lie! 7. He is happy with his marriage. Surprisingly, when men who have cheated are asked if theyre happy in their marriages, over half say yes.But I really love him. Some of us might already be in the middle of an affair and I would put forth the question, what do you want from your life? If he handnt cheated Id say help him and love with all you have thats all i ever wanted.No matter what I said he still believes I am cheating on him. He said it would be ok if I was just straight with him. He says he loves me, but we need more than that. I do believe this man care for me.but I dont want a known cheater. cancers can cheat by: Anonymous. I had an affair with one for over a yr He cheated on his wife several times .five I know of including me .thing that hard is I dumped him and even now he still texts says he loves me. Quotes tagged as "cheat" (showing 1-30 of 87). If a man, who says he loves you, wont tell you the details of a private conversation between him and another woman you can be sure he is not protecting your heart. He says he loves and adores me n the family. That all men do it but he never loved any of them.I fet disappointed and betrayed by man that l loved. He have not only cheated on me but he has had a few children outside of our marriage and we have 10 beautiful children together. He says he loves me, but he thinks I dont show him Im sorry and that I appreciate him.I cheated on my ex, he found out, but I really do love him a lot. He said he feels hurt a lot by what I did, he does love me a lot too. But I just dont understand. He said he loves me.Im pretty sure hes not over his ex i mean come on theyve been on for 3 years and im just a random girl he met on the internet but I admit I really fell for this guy and now i dont know what to do knowing that his ex (who he said cheated on him) Even days when I didnt talk to him he would look me in the eye and say u really think im a cheater but really I am not and he looks so sincere.Also he says he was not always a good boyfriend but he has not done any cheating that he loves me and doesnt see him self with any other woman. You said "love." This is a very strong word. I recommend that you See a concealer because You need to figure out what brought you to cheat.But it all comes back to your actions.

So to answer your question I dont believe this can be fixed but I think if he can find it within himself to forgive you i do guys? :( i love him so muchhh. even he still talking and chatting with me. but he keep discuss what i have done. i know im wrong.anonymous: i cheated on my boyfriend 5 months ago and he found out recently. he hid the fact that he knew i cheated for a week. he said his initial plan was to cheat He says he loves me and I cant contemplate a future without him. I know I should leave him and move on, but I feel like I just cant. How can we live like this? JANE SAYS: Your bloke isnt a great guy hes a cheat and a liar and hes using you. I asked him why he cheated and he said that he was feeling really lonely but he also said that he wanted something new.But I love him and he says he loves me. I went against the advice of everyone around me. The fact that you find it amusing to cheat and play head games with someone you say you love is , i ve been with my boyfriend 2 years ago , i never cheated on him , but i dont know if i can handle it more than that . Yeah, my man cheats, but all men cheat. He loves me and still comes home to me at night, so says, the lady in love. But, the real question is, does a man really love you, if he constantly cheats on you? He might not even remember what he did in the morning, and this is another fascinating detail that should really make you trust him when he says I love you.Also please dont contemplate giving him a second chance if you know he cheated on you, now I dont believe the saying once a cheater Its amazing how many men say the same exact phrases, as if they read a book on what to say when cheating.i think my boy friend is cheating on me but he dose not say none of those we are just kids Im 13 hes 14 and my friends say hi mit be cheating on me. He doesnt love you if he cheats. Love is a choice, as well as an emotion. He is not choosing to love you. Saying words is easy.One: Hes a cheater. Two: Unfortunately, he might love you (I dont know) but he still wants to have more conquests. But he cheated with her again but this time did not beg me, when I saw he was really into her, I went begging him. We have been off and on like that, mySo yesterday I asked him to choose between us and he said he loves me but he cant, he asked me to give him time because he is confused. Especially when he said he knew he was irresponsible and took me for granted, but his love for me never changed.In a way saying, "Well, he cheated on me but who cares? He told me that he still loves me. What should i do? Girlfriend of 3 months says she needs a break but still loves me.My GF cheated on me, wants to break up but i know she still loves me. I told my boyfriend I needed a break for 3 weeks. I was in love with a cheater. Madly, deeply, in we-should-spend-a-lifetime-together love kind of love.After gathering his thoughts, he clarified by saying, If he cheats, he may love you, but hes not in love with you. If a guy cheats on another girl for you, hes more than likely to cheat on you for somebody else. As they always say, Once a cheater always a cheater!Ive told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldnt kill him because I love his children and they need a dad. But I would beat him up. He says he loves me but were not dating.And he has moved on too fast and I suffer everyday. In fact, you might not even know if he loves you at all! We talk all the time and he asked for a picture of me and likes to use smiley faces. My last NxGF, during her smear campaign after I ended our relationship because of her cheating, sent messages to all my friends that I was a lying, cheating, emotional abuser (whom I love very much).I am confused because in spite of his aggressive behaviors he says he loves me. My cheating partner said he could handle living with my daughters, but ever since we moved in together hes changed.He cried and said he did love me but he couldnt cope with living with the girls and said he should have been honest with me from the start. i feel angry all of a sudden??? i have a strong urge to slice a dick so fud Cheating.All the hatred Natsuki is getting, I think he deserve it. But I also think Most of the time he gets a handy-j and leaves me unfulfilled. So, I ended up cheating. Not physically, but I had emotional affairs because all I wantedI am in love with him, and he says he loves me. He had an emotional affair for a short time last year, but as far as I know it ended before it went to far. On Last Time, Trey Songz tells his lover that this time is the last time he cheats on his girlfriend.She goes on to rationalize her decision to sleep with a married man by suggesting the affair was really Amys fault: he needed love he said he never got from you, she wails. "He wants to save the marriage and says he would do anything to do so and that he loves me.And one reply said: "There is no acceptable reason for cheating. A declining sex life might help explain why someone cheated but it doesnt justify it. So I dont know what to do because we arent dating so I cant accuse him of cheating but on the other hand he tells me he loves me and Im the only one for him.youre totally better off out of this i mean hes a cheater and whose to say he wouldnt cheat on you and do the same to some other girl?him, I dont care Hi Suzanne, but I shoulda said "Bye Suzanne" After the first night, but tonight I[Ed Sheeran:] Ive been a liar, been a thief Been a lover, been a cheat All my sins need holy waterelse can I say? It was fun for a while Bet I really woulda loved your smile Didnt really wanna abort An ex-cheater explains why he cheated, how he stopped, and who he had to become in order to not cheat again.Why me? You swear youll never give your love to another, at least you wont become soHow I stopped cheating. I have heard it said once a cheater always a cheater. Is he cheating on me? The question hits your chest like a lead weight. You love him and you really thought he loved you!My gut says hes a cheater but I kinda dont want to know. Last month, I caught him messaging the same girl that he cheated on me with, and he was asking her for a kiss.Im Happily Married But Whenever I think Of Him, My Heart Says "I Love You Too". He might even resolve to listen more, do more for her and all that, but I dont think this would have been brought on by his cheating.But like I said, sometimes, men think with the other head. It is also possible that he doesnt love you anymore if he starts cheating. My ex cheated on me. I dont doubt that he didnt love me, I know he did. That took me a long time to accept and understand though.Before I got with my bf I would have said yes it is. But I could never imagine cheating on him.

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