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Possible Duplicate: passing array from php to javascript.script>. after passing the value to javascript function i need to have 3 variable holding the values of an arrayplease help me to fix this I have this javascript function which converts a javascript array into a serialized string for use in php as array.function jsarrayserialize(a) return JSON.stringify(a) The JSON.stringify function is natively built-in modern browsers. But why do you pass the PHP array to JavaScript in the first place? When you can use server-side PHP you should stick to it because it is more reliable as client-side JavaScript can be disabled or not supported. in my "sjekk" function, when I try to print an alert Learn JavaScript Learn jQuery Learn JqueryUI Learn jQuery Mobile Learn AppML Learn AngularJS Learn Angular Material Learn Ext. js Learn AJAX Learn< PHP Array Reference. Example. Compare the values of two arrays (use a user-defined function to compare the values) and return the matches PHP provides a function to convert PHP arrays into Javascript code: jsonencode(). (technically, its JSON format JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation). Use it like this: . The square brackets surrounding the output of implode in PHP are used to form the array literal inYou can avoid this problem by using PHPs jsonencode function rather than implode to prepare the PHP array for passage to JavaScript. javascript pass array into function phpsourcecode net. Php pass variable. Jquery if value.Json array ofJavascript array all I have a issue in passing PHP array to Javascript function. where as when I pass only normal array with Integer it works, the issue is only with String array. How to pass parameter to XSLT from Javascript function I have a HTML file which contains an XML parsing JavaScript function which in turn renders the XSLT file. Assigning Wordpress post information to PHP array and assign the php array value to javascript array FOR THIS REASON And I used a In here, I have a PHP array records that contains all informations about the pictures I want to display in my LightBox, I want later in my code to use those informations into my javascript functions. Ive heard that I can translate the array in javascript by using < script>var records 3) I have a js function that shows the events day on calendar (checkEventDay). It works fine with an explicit array, but I do not know how it works with my php array (eventsDays). I show you a function I made that lets you use your javascript object as a php object.The other key, is to take into account indexed arrays, that way if a property of a JS object is an array, it will still be an array when it gets to PHP. » javascript Array Functions. Array initialization, you can use the new keyword or use brackets []javascript array is indexed from 0 to array.length -1. To get the value at position i . Here the variable words is automatically defined as an array and populated with the returned result of a call to the function fixNames.Array handling in JavaScript is very similar to PHP, although the syntax is a little different. notice the function at the end. this gets called after the data has been sent . " If names is the PHP array, you need to convert it to a string, using the printr() and strreplace() PHP functions for example (see PHP manual for details).But why do you pass the PHP array to JavaScript in the first place? Note: Im not echoing the script directly.I got around this problem by checking the number of elements in the PHP array, using the count function. If there is more than one element, it will create the same JavaScript as the original code did. I have an array in my javascript code (in a HTML file) and when the user hits my submit button I want the page to send over that array to my PHP page which will then take that date and put it into a SQL database. I would like to move it to a javascript array, the fastest possible way, using ajax. .load( getdata. php, function() . ) maybe json would be the best to iterate through returned data and adding it to a javascript array ? any code snippets would be appreciated. To convert you PHP array to JS , you can do it like this function disableRangeOfDays(d) . in the above assign array to javascript variable disableDaysRange. PHP also features a jsonencode function to convert an array or object into a string.To get a more in-depth and better example of PHP-JSON-JavaScript/jQuery-Ajax interaction, read my jQuery Ajax Call to PHP Script with JSON Return post. PHP and Javascript variable How to pass php value to javascript function. It will give a nice trick to the freshers.Yahoo Media Player in PHP and JS - array opendir while readdir closedir pre. Send JSON array to a PHP script using jQuery AJAX. How to access a JSON encoded Javascript array in PHP. The following table will be used to demonstrate the code samples.

Send JSON Array to PHP. For this example, the jQuery .ajax function is used. I have heard somewhere that it is done using jsonencode to convert php array to javascript one. Please advice.A novel solution: Use the AJAX to return a javaScript function that maps data into an array. The function is constructed inside the AJAX script.

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