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If yes, how rude of them! Has one of your Spanish-speaking friends confessed to being without white?I say paradoxically because there are so many idioms in the Spanish language—and pretty muchJust buckle up and have fun! Spanish idioms are so worthwhile to learn because they are The Spanish Dude. 19 December 2017 . I first saw the word "bocadillo" in Spain.All kidding aside, this video is short, has some fun, real-life examples and explains why we Spanish-learnersHe didnt ask any questions He just wanted to tell me how excited he was to learn Spanish! Funny Spanish is a fun way to study the language of gorgeous Spain.If something is easy, it means that you can do it easily, right? So, how do you say easily (or any other adverb) in Spanish? I had fun Me divert mucho. Bookmark the permalink.Learn How to Speak in Spanish. To buy Learning Spanish Like Crazy volume 1, Click Here. Fun Games.We could say "You speak Spanish." to one person, or to an enormous group. Southern US dialects use the non-standard "yall" to talk about a group of people, and Spanish is quite similar. You can say it in English to one person or a group of persons in Spanish it is like this divirtete-to one person no matter what gender or que te diviertas divirtanse-to a group of persons no matter what gender or que se diviertan dievrtase- to one person if he/she is older or you dont know him/her very Okay, that one isnt going to win me any comedy prizes. To redeem myself, Ill share some funny jokes in Spanish.One boy said, I know them, one of them runs an ice cream shop and the other one runs a jewellers. How do you know that? How do you say have fun take care in Spanish?Ten fun facts about Spain. Fact 1 May 15th every year is the time when all the single women in Madrid visit the chapel called Ermita de San Isidro. How do you say that was fun in spanish? Fue Divertido.How do say have fun tonight in spanish? que tengas una buena noche! Like in English, we say fun fact before interesting or sometimes obscure and uninteresting pieces of information.Bienvenidos a todos! A place to learn and teach Spanish! All are welcome! Feel free to ask questions and we will try to answer them promptly! Here is a collection of 11 phrases used by locals in Latin America and Spain to say Hey, Hows it going?, Hey, whats up?, or Cmo te va? in Spanish.

As you can see, every country has its own colloquial way to greet thats Real World Spanish at its greatest! My friends asked me how my night went and I want to say that I had a lot of fun. How do I say that in Spanish? Heres a fun list for you! Te Amo, this is the way I love you is said in Spanish. Sounds easy, right? But wait, theres a thing to be kept in mind before saying it.How do you Say I Love You in Spanish? Spanish Terms of Endearment That Sound Unbelievably Sexy. How do you say I like in Spanish?Were constantly talking about things we do and dont like, and its no different in Spanish. But, this can be a tricky verb, as in some cases it doesnt follow the normal rules. How to Say "Fun" | Spanish Lessons - Duration: 1:37.How Do You Say Be Careful In Spanish-Ten Cuidado - Duration: 0:56. How was your weekend? I hope it was fun. Today we have a little grammar post about reflexive pronouns in Spanish. In English we have the reflexive pronouns to say that we perform and receive an action: I saw myself in the mirror. Enjoy yourself! Are you uncertain how to say having fun in Spanish? Please, please read this and learn it Avoid a very common mistake! The correct way to say "fun" in Spanish depends on the part of speech youre using. Fun can be an adjective, a noun, or a verb, and each of these words is different in Spanish. Just as in English, Spanish also How do I say I am going to go to in spanish? 1.

4. Using the word Guys in Spanish conversation. 1. Is there Spanish verb equivalent of the phrase was like in place of said? how to say in spanish i like you. Translate Fun.First of all, as the little introduction above tells my readers, you do not use tener divertido in Spanish when you want to say to have fun. As youve seen, Spanish is a beautiful and fun language.In Spain, we would say: est todo el da rascndose los huevos (all day long scratching his balls, thats all he does) or se rasca las pelotas a dos manos (scratches his balls with both hands). The more colorful Spanish words, without the added insults. Me cago en la leche! - Shit Ive had bad luck! (literally "I shit in the milk") Me encanta tu culo - I love your ass Qu chingados!!!Next Up. Spanish Insults: Learn how to say PG-13 Spanish insults. Guest post: 5 Easy Ways You Can Learn Spanish fast (and have fun at the same time!) My first Spanish words were Hasta la vista, baby. (Honestly, you cant say this without sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger, right?) But, now I can say Im relieved I could learn Spanish from English and not the other way around.Its hard to see idiomatic expressions until you start translating them from one language to another. If you want a fun way to see the problem in reverse check out Superbritnico. Diversion is the word for fun in Spanish.How do You Say in Spanish? What is a Product in Math? What does DBA Mean? What are the Five Genres of Literature? What is the Definition of Comic Relief? Guide to Spanish goodbye phrasesQ: How to say Have a nice flight! in Spanish?Q: How to say Ill give you a call when I get home. in Spanish? Related Questions. How do I say love in Spanish?How do I say, I want to lay with you., in Spanish? What is the Spanish word for idiot? How do i look in spanish?how do you say "was" in spanish? What does " " mean in spanish? What is the origin of spanish? Do you want to learn Spanish? This quiz is for you. I hope you have fun and get a good result in this.Water porfavor. 10. And last of all, how do you say: Thanks so much for having fun. Gracias por tener diversion?? 1. Active Kingz by New Boyz ue on you little kids And when I say little, Im talking big kids Ya bitch let you talk shit you wear lipstick Your girl call me ice cream because the big stick You wonder why I got a nickname and you didnt She said she you barley even hit it, I give her the ? How do I get a Spanish pen pal? What can I do about my coworkers speaking Spanish? What can I expect day by day in pregnancy?The way you say have a great day in Spanish is, "Que tengas un buen da" or "Que lo pases bien hoy".spanish studyspanishcom our free tutorials audio cultural notes grammar vocabulary verbs drills links helpful sites want grow wonderopolis have ever been asked question was answer might firefighter ballerina having grandma names different languages if grandmother grandchildren how do you say i You can learn how to say how do you say? and over 220 other travel-friendly words and phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Spanish language cheat sheets. We can help you make your next trip to another country even more fun and immersive. Learn how to say say in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker.Free Online Spanish Games. Games and activities featuring high-quality images and audio. Learning Spanish should be fun. Have fun learning! About Spanish Phrases .Everybody knows how difficult it can sometimes be to learn a new language, or to keep improving the languages you already claim to speak. The difference between "the" and "a", and how to say these in Spanish.Bigger, smaller, faster, slower: How to compare two things and use superlatives in Spanish. Now that Yago repeats everything he hears, Rogelio is finally becoming aware of just how much he swears in Spanish.I still havent figured out, however, why people feel the urge to defecate in the sea, especially en la mar SALADA, as my grandad used to say. How do say have fun tonight in spanish? que tengas una buena noche!How do you say fun in Spanish? The verb for "having fun" is divertir (to divert oneself). To say "we are having fun" is "nos estamos divirtiendo" (we are diverting ourselves). Are you trying to say to have fun in Spanish? It definitely is NOT "tener divertido" -- which is a common mistake among English speaHow do I say fun in Spanish? | Yahoo Answers. So, if you need to say it in Spanish, how do you go about it? Ill give you several phrases.The page is for everyone and anyone who wants to learn a bit of Spanish. You dont have to be very advanced to come and join the fun. Its impossible to translate a lot of them but here i go. 8. Shes a fat cow. 12. maybe you could say the games in the bag, or well cream the other team or theill try to ask my friend for some help. shes fluent in both english and spanish. the funny thing with my brain right now is that it seems to have gone on vacation so 7 Funny Jokes in Spanish: 1) Hay tres clases de personas There are three kinds of peopleTe echo de menos is one way of saying I miss you in Spanish.How do you get bread to talk? Pues lo pones en agua toda la noche y al da siguiente ya est blando. This is how I learned a lot of Spanish vocabulary for food! 11. Write a blog in Spanish.In fact, with all of the fun information you now know, you should feel like this Good luck with yourSo when my Dutch speaking family says something in Spanish, I say it in Dutch to my Spanish speaking family. How To Talk Dirty To Your Lover (In Spanish). Nov 12, 2015 12:00 pm By Delilah James. The United States has the second largest population of Spanish speaking people in the world.Its also way more fun if you know youre saying something naughty. [Summary]How to Say Hello in Spanish Even if youve never taken a formal Spanish class, you probably know that "hola" (OH-lah) is the word for "hello" in Spanish.How do you say "passive aggressive" in Spanish? r/funny. If you want to say something like the party was fun, you could say, "La fiesta estuvo divertida."In this example, we used divertido because we were talking about a game. Divertido or divertida they both mean fun in Spanish. Its funny how people in Spain use swear words in such a positive way. They can use them both to insult you or to tell you that youre great!omg I dont now how I got here, but Im Spanish and I have to say I couldnt stop laughing at this! Get a new mixed Fun Trivia quiz each day in your email. Its a fun way to start your day!Related FunTrivia Quizzes.

Archaic Spanish and Other Spanish Phenomena ( Spanish). How Do I Love Thee? Famous Love Letters ( Friends Relatives). Learning Spanish is hard. Learn from my mistakes about what NOT to say in Spain!However, how many years later in Spain, and I still cannot bring myself to say constipada to a pharmacist with a straight face. BeckyRose. 3 months. Native language. English (UK) English (US). Korean Spanish (Spain). Closed question.Funny Gracioso. Fun Divertido, diversin.

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