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I make a php function and when i click on add event button its add select box who populate events " value"Add Event" onclick"addevents()This cant be done without JavaScript, but the setting is in PHP. The solution is to use PHP/HTML to createscript>. Then later on in your JavaScript What I want to do is call a php script/function on a button click. I have this running in WAMP if that helps. Heres my codebutton type"button" onclick"thefunction()">Click Me. I have a an HTML button where I want the onclick to call a PHP function.Use any javascript library to make ajax calls to the php script on the server. For example: jquery prototype Or if you just want really simple stuff, take a look at the sajax ajax toolkit for php. Description: Use the onclick() event listener in the button to call a Javascript function that will call the PHP function. Note that if any variables are declared as GLOBAL in the PHP function, they must be assigned values before the Javascript function is parsed by the HTML interpreter.script> <. Execute PHP function with onClick. It can be done and with rather simple php if this is your button Call PHP function using HTML element.How do I create a PHP button to run a script on as PHP button. . I unable to find where im doing wrong. please help.

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