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Product description GByte Z97MX-Gaming 5 MoBo. Fault found Yes. Scan diagnosis overheating CPUs. i7-4790k and i7-4770 both throttle under AIDA stab test.The expected temps with retail HS/F are 60-70C. While better cooling allowed the test to be run without throttling, this setup still i7-4790k owners.Not every game pushes these temps obviously. The games that give me the highest temp readings are BF4, Final Fantasy XIV, DayZ and Diablo 3 as those are more cpu dependent games. So i recently upgraded my i5 4670k to and i7 4790k to get better streaming performance.I ran a few benchmarks and got normal scores and temps where fine aswell. Then i booted up a few games and especially in tf i noticed an fps boost UNTIL i started obs, even when not streaming/recording my fps solved I7 4790k temps while gaming. i7 4790k Hard reset during gaming and high temperatures?See also. Whats the max temperature I should be getting while gaming? solved Are these normal temps while playing games in a I7 4790k ? Sep 21, 2014 safe i7 4790k temps? so while playing cs go my i7 4790k at stock with turbo (4.4ghz) gets up to 57-60c is this good temp while gaming? cooler is h80i.However, what ARE safe temperatures for the I7 4790K? Thread has been deleted. Last comment.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive > 4790k vs 6700k (Temps).for gaming they are almost the same thus making the 4790k better as it is cheaper. Similar Threads - Temps 4790K. Forum. Date. 4790k bios temp voltage concern. CPUs and Overclocking.I determined real stability by playing games while running video/music in the background. Im just a little confused as to why its getting this hot. I have a cooler master hyper 212 evo. Are these temps completely normal with this cooler?I think you are fine. My overclocked i7 4930K also reaches around 65C while gaming. I have a Intel Core i7 4790k with a Hyper 212 evo cooler on it in a new system I just built. I dont know much about temperatures but thought I would test my temps toIs this helpful though if there is no stress test going on while I see that temp? I7 4790k temps while gaming. CPUs Forum - www.tomshardware.co.

uk. My cpu temps while idling are 30c-35c and while playing games i usally get 54c 64c using coolmaster 212 evo artic silver 5 thermal paste heat sink is on properly. i7 4790k temp Browse our posts that related to : i7 4790k temperature - i7 4790k temps - i7 4790k temperature idle - i7 4790k temperature under load - i7 4790k temps while gaming - i7 4790k temps with stock cooler - i7 4790k temps with h100iRecent Visits. what the hen game promo code. I7-4790k 5GHz Safe Temps on gaming - MSI Forum. Hi all, I have overclocked my 4790k to 5Ghz. It is stable. I stress test it for 2 hours with success.But with gaming it is around 64-71. Is this ok? Gaming temps: GTA Online: 61-68c. so while playing cs go my i7 4790k at stock with turbo (4.4ghz) gets up to 57-60c is this good temp while gaming? cooler is h80i. Gaming 88. Aircraft carrier.The Intel Core i7-4790K, codenamed Devils Canyon, is an upgraded 4770K, Intels current flagship i7. The 4790K features an improved thermal interface which enables it to dissipate heat more efficiently than the 4770K. i got the 4790k but my temp while i game go to 60 to 70 is it normal?I have the 4790k, when gaming it hit 4,4 Ghz straight out the box, running really cool, cant seem to get it above 55c . . . Today I decided to check those temps for the first time after many hours of gaming.How could it not be like brand new?) -I read about the "fan" thing and "i 7s must have an aftermarket fan". I7 4790k high temp. I recently built a rig with an i7 4790K cooled by a cooler master hyper 212 evo. It idles at around 30-33c but whenci ran intel burn test i peaked out at around 100c.While gaming the hottest temp i got was 71c and it was after going into a heavily populated area in an MMO. Its an Intel Core i7 4790K 4.00GHz and is currently running at 49 C. Its around that temp when idle as well.

If I fire a game up , it hits between 80-100 CTook me a while to get my head around what were seeing. The red is the shroud of the MSI 970 GTX with the SLI connector just visible at top Im playing BF1 on a desktop with a I7-4790k with water-cooling and Im hitting temps as high as 98C.something is from with you cooling, I own a 4790k,and it overclocked at 4.6ghz,it doen not get any warmer then about 65 c max while playing this game. Are these temps OK for a i7 4790k at stock clock with a h100i, also how long do you guys recommend running the stress test for?While gaming I hit around 50 in Chivalry, which I think is quite a CPU intensive game, also in rust it starts around 45 and reachs 50, are these ok? Its just the nature of the game. My personal experience with the i7 4790 K vs. the i7 4770K turned into a 200 MHz stable overclock, but that only tellsMy temps dropped 23C after delidding and using CLP for tim1. got about half that temp drop with pk1 for tim1 (while waiting for liquid metal to arrive). As soon as I disable Turbo boost, fan is silent, highest it goes is 1471 while gaming, and it stays around 853 on desktop environment.I mention it because I also have a 4790k at stock with a Themis on there and the temps are higher than my 3770k overclock with the high vcore. In terms of overall gaming performance, the Intel Core i7-3930K 6-Core 3.20GHz is noticeably better than the Intel Core i7-4790K 4-Core 4.0GHz when it comes to running the latest games.Bear in mind, then, that while the Core i7-4790K 4-Core has a 0.8 GHz faster frequency, this is not always an I opened this post for those have Devil Canyon i7 4790K and have issues or good temps with cores.Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming - 32G Ram. CPU: Core i7-7700k. Page 5 [Gaming, Power and Temperature Tests] Codename Devils Canyon is out from Intel. We see just what the new Core i7 4790K processor is all about as we put it through ourTemperature numbers also look good the idle numbers are significantly down while load lines up with the i7 4770K. While that isnt a bad temperature range, the Core i7-4790K, running at 4.0 GHz, was only measuring at 50-51C.Ryan, What would your temps on the 4770k have been had you put it at 4.7GHz (the same as the 4790k) and reduced the voltage to the bare minimum to sustain that frequency? Since this is a gaming rig. by itsdigger / January 24, 2017 9:05 AM PST. In reply to: So what would you.In reply to: i7 4790k Maximum Temperature. Try a different temp monitor prog. See if the readings match. Idle temps look excellent. Intel say the "magic" temperature for their cpus is 100, they should never reach that, otherwise you run into theVilas, bear in mind that this is a stress test utility and it puts maximum load on all cores, which doesnt happen while gaming or really anytime during regular use. Finding the correct motherboard to match your processor is a crucial part of building a gaming PC. If you have, or are going to purchase, a Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K, a Skylake Core i7 6700k processor, a Haswell Refresh Core i7 4790K or any other Core i7 CPU I have a MSI Z97 gaming 7 Motherboard and a I7-4790k with 16 gigs of ram. Bios has been Flashed to newest version no over clocking at all and motherboardOverclocked or not it still bounces in and out of throttle mode. even in the OC mode all temps do not go over 35C. while typing this with nothing else open. The temps never went beyond 80C but while running Prime95 I noticed the voltage going beyond 1.3v and reaching almost 4.5GHz right after the system shutdown. CPU: i7 4790K. MOBO: ASUS Maximus VII GENE (running the latest UEFI firmware). We now set the Core i7 4790K 4600 MHz and apply 1.30 volts on the CPU while loading it with 100 stress for wPrime 1024M to run on all availableThe temps normally rise above and beyond 90 Degrees C for a lot of heatpipe based coolers, which is a definitive no-no. As you can see, we have Clip style mic for gaming. Anyone repair anything today? Single page Print.Or does it mean some guy with a LN2 pot, a modified motherboard, and a stack of six chips to try while pursuing the SuperPi world record? Gaming. HWBench recommends Intel Core i7-4790K. Based on game and synthetic benchmarks, and theoretical specifications.Intel Socket 1150. Max Case Temp. 72C. vs. Core i7-4790 vs i7-4790K graphics benchmarks. Graphics benchmarks depend on the type of integrated or discrete graphics adapter, and to less extent on the processor performance. Because these benchmarks are synthetic, they may not truly represent gaming performance. With these factors in hand, all of the results you will see from this point forward will include two i7-4790K results: one with the processor running at stock speeds while the other has it pegged at 4.719GHz with memory running at 1866MHz. Today I decided to check those temps for the first time after many hours of gaming. It was a simple configuration check, till I saw my CPU reaching 98 C.How could it not be like brand new?) -I read about the "fan" thing and "i 7s must have an aftermarket fan". Yeah, I got the stocks one but come The temps are so bad because Intel uses bad TIM between the cpu die and the IHS i7 4790k Noctua NH-D15 temperature 100 CPU Load All coolers are on silent mode.4790k Temps While Gaming. I7-4790k high idle temps. Discussion in Intel Processors started by campingtomz, Dec 7, 2014.Ive reset the thermal paste and the H100i just if i messed up. using real temp i get vales of 42-39c, not extremely high, but when i start playing games it shoots up to 60-70. Devils Canyon, or Core i7-4790K, uses what Intel terms a next generation polymer thermal interface material (NGPTIM) that enables cooler and higher-performing processors, ostensibly to lower temps and improve frequency headroom. Battlefield has a CPU bug though. I get 100on my 4790k aftera long gaming session.My max is 4.4 GHz but due to temp hitting high 70s in stress test I went down to 4.2 GHz since there was no virtual gain at all for me in the games I like. My idle is around 40c and while playing games its at 90c. Continue reading Source: Intel. Haswell i7 4790k high temps with NZXT X61 and delid. "Here are my temps with IBT at maximum settings.Im semi new to water cooling but I always thought while gaming the GPU being most used would yield highest temps. A video comparing i7 4790 with i7 4790K. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, hit that like button.Gaming Performance i7 47904,0GHz vs i7 6700K4,0GHz (Haswell - Skylake) - Продолжительность: 3:17 Schweiz ONE 3 575 просмотров. Intel i7 4790k Temps? Hello again guys! i have a problem! i just finished building my first PC and my CPU temps are kind of high in idel i get about 40-60c and it gets up to around 80c wile gaming as far as I know and when i run stress tests they get all the way up to 100c and the voltage. CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory. i7 4790k temps while in games.While idling its around the 40oc mark and when im playing Arma 3 it goes to 60-61c which its never done lol usually gets close to 50 and thats about it. So i have found somewhat of a fix for my high temps, Turns out when i default to factory settings the CPU voltage is between 1.200 volts to 1.302 volts butProcessor. i7-4790k. Motherboard. Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 5. Images for I7 7700k Temps While Gaming. Intel Core i7-7700K vs Core i7-6700K Performance Benchmarks cdn.wccftech.com. MSI Allowing CPU Overclockers To Hit 5.2GHz On Select www.legitreviews.com. I tried a game out and the temps shot up to 53 c just at the game menu screen. Thinking maybe i should of stuck with my i7 4790, temps while gaming are 10 c higher on this one than y old 4790. This will allow for better performance, while still maintaining safe operating temperatures. While these voltage limits are not exact for every situation, they are a good guideline.Intel Skylake i7 6700K Overclocking Guide. Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset.

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