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International Dialing Codes. Phone Codes and Time Zones for every country in the world. This site has been produced in conjunction with Excel4Business.254. Kenya. The countries are using 25X as country codes list: 250xxxxxx Rwanda 251xxxxxx Ethiopia 252xxxxxx Somalia 253xxxxxx Djibouti 254xxxxxxRelated Questions. Which country code is 25? I am trying fax something to Australia, is there any special area code that has to be dialed first? Which Country Has Dialing Code 254? Which Country Is Using This Code254? What is Okela. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have. Want to know the telephone country code for Kenya or perhaps the area telephone dialing code for Nairobi or any other cities in Kenya.00 254 City Area Code Local number. If you want to make a phone call from Kenya you will have to dial kenya-exit-code (eg: kenya-exit-code 44 for UK). Kenya dialing code 254 have to be dialed before the phone number you want to call. On this page you can find instructions needed to call Kenya from another country. Country dialling code. 1. Afghanistan.254. Western Sahara.This page answers the following questions: What dialling code does the USA have? International Country Code 0-0 254 (phone): 254 (cell phone) redirect Kenya.

Dialling code 254 Kenya. Answers.com WikiAnswers Categories Technology Electronics Consumer Electronics Telephones Mobile Phones Which country has got 151 telephone code?The international country code / dialing code for Kenya is 254. Every country has a country and those countries use the prefix. The country code of Kenya is 00254 or 254. You will dial the country code before the area code and phone number. Each country area has its own local phone prefix.If you are calling from other country than Kenya to the Eldoret area, dial IDD of your country, then international phone number (country code) 254, after that phone area code of Eldoret 53 and call number. Know which country has the phone code 254.Search Country Code. Country codes or international calling codes are a numerical sequence that is dialed to call a telephone outside of the country of origin. Almost each country in the world has its own country calling code, it is a single- or up to three-digit number which you have to dial to make a call to that country.254.

000. This page links to the countries and special services in order of telephone country code.254.Since its dissolution, most of the republics under the former territory have established their own country codes throughout the 1990s. Which country code is 254? Its Kenya.Country Codes / Kenya. Which country has the 254 Area Code? The Kenya country code is 254.To make an international call to Kenya, first dial the IDD, then country code, any area code, and the local number. International calling code 254 belongs to: Kenya. Click on country name to get more dialing information about area code, international call prefix, local time, time zones etcSite News. Italian language has been added to TelCode.info (2015-03-01). Country code 254 / 011254. Home. History of the telephone.Of course, this does not mean that the local area codes can be omitted for phone calls to foreign countries. For international calls, one has to start by dialing the Country code that usually begins with 011, then the national area code There is no single country that uses the two-digit code 35. A further digit needs to be added to attain a correct international dialing code.In the CCITT Red Book, a list of European International Dialing codes compiled around in the 1960s, Hungary had the dialing code 35. Where is telephone country code 254 ? Which country has the telephone dialing code 00254 ? The answer is Kenya. Now, if you want to know how to call Kenya, click below You want to know wich country has the dialing code 38? Check it out. Deutsch Espaol Franais International Dialing Codes » auslandsvorwahlen.net.Simply dial 254 (thats the Kenya international access code) followed by these codes. Also, code "7" is assigned to a large calling area including the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. All other countries and territories have their own 2-digit or 3-digit codegf. 254. 594. FRENCH POLYNESIA. What is the dialing code of Kenya ? which country code is 00254 ?To call Kenya you have to dial : exit country code (usually 00) 254 area city code telephone number. Have a question?Find out how to make international calls or call international numbers from your cell phone or land line and know the process to make international calls along with the International Dialing Codes at Prokerala. You want to know which country has the dialing code 254? See which country has the international phone code 254. If you have questions about how to call from one country to another, click here. International Dialing Codes. Country Name (Includes satellite systems).254. 000 006 to Uganda 007 to Tanzania. 0. 962 7. 254. 686 850 82 965 996 856 371.This is shown in the second column on the International Dialing Codes page. Every country has a distinct code, though in some cases it can be shared with other countries. Which country has 254?, The country code 254 belongs to Kenya.To get the Kenyan phone code, mobile code, and dialing format to call Kenya( country code 254), select the country you are calling below 254. Yes. Kiribati.Dial: Country code from ITU-T recommendation E.164 (international dialing code), sometimes followed by area code.- The Educational Testing Service has a set of three-digit country codes in a PDF file . 91. 123 and E. Whn i calld bk. 25 HUNGARY. You want to know which country has the dialing code 235?No country has 25 as the country codes but most of the African countries have 25x as their codes - eg Rwanda is 250, 251 is Etheopia, 252 is Somalia, 253 is Djibouti, 254 is Kenya, 255 is Dialing Code for Kenya is 254 and this dialing code is used to call from other country to Kenya. Also, see how to call to Kenya using 254 code from rest of the world.Country dialing code. How to call kenya. 254: Wikis. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article!From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Codes. Country code: 254.To call Kenya from other countries, subscribers must dial their international access code e.

g. 00 for most There is no single country that uses the two-digit code 35. A further digit needs to be added to attain a correct international dialing code.In the CCITT Red Book, a list of European International Dialing codes compiled around in the 1960s, Hungary had the dialing code 35. Country codes are used when dialing an international phone number.Kazakhstan. 7. 8 - wait for dial tone - 10. 8. Kenya. 254. 000 (006 and 007 to Uganda and Tanzania). telephone area codes for Kenya: which country code is 254?International calling or dialing codes for every country in Kenya.below is a list of phone numbers and comments from other people about phone calls from the 254 Area Code. How Do International Dialing Codes Work - List of Country Dialing Codes - International Direct Dialing (IDD) Prefixes - International Calling Cards - Cheap International calls - How to make an international call.7. Kenya. 254. Home Country Calling Codes or International Dialing Codes 254 Country Code.Well here is some information about all that. When you have no signals you cant make calls :- P That means your cell can not find Tower to use. Some countries are not large enough to warrant their own code, so will have the country code 1 and use the area code to define the country. LOCAL NUMBER This is the local number you would like to call. Dialing Code for Kenya is 254. This is a list of country calling codes. The telephone numbering plan for a telephone system includes an international dialing prefix, such as "00" or "011", which is added before the country calling code and is specific to the country from which the caller is dialling. Which country has 254?, The country code 254 belongs to Kenya. Find area codes of Kenyan cities and doing research on the reverse directory.Dialing Codes Finder. Where are you calling from ? International Dialing Codes for making overseas phone calls are also listed below. Note: If the columns dont align correctly, please increase the font size in your browser. COUNTRY.254. 594. French Polynesia. List of country calling codes. This article is a travel topic When calling a phone number in another country, there is usually a prefix you have to dial to indicate that youre placing an international call this varies by country. If you have received a telephone call or number to call from country code 254, then the country from which that call originated is Kenya. This reverse phone lookup information helps you get specific dialing instructions from your country to Kenya below. Kenya is located in Africa and uses Shilling. It has around 44 863 583 inhabitants, 251 600 landlines and 30 732 000 cell phone users.The country code 254 indicates that the phone number you are about to dial is to Kenya in Africa. Which country has 00254 as country code (dial code)? Whats the difference between 00254 and 254?You have got a call from number beginning with 254 or 00254 or 254 and you want to know which country is it. Remember that if the country has area codes, you must also include that before the local phone number. For instance, if you are dialing from the United States to Cameroon810. Kenya. 254. Kenya telephone code 254 is dialed after the IDD.Kenya country codes are followed by these area codes. With the complete Kenya dialing code, you can make your international call. 254 Kenya.Locations with no country code. Antarctica, Dialing is dependent on the parent country of each base, e.g. McMurdo Station and Scott Base are via New Zealand. Which countrys dialing code do you want? Select your International dialling code here: Afghanistan 93 Albania 355 Algeria 213 American Samoa 684 Andorra 376 Angola 244 Antarctica 672 Argentina 54 Armenia 374 Aruba 297 Ascension IslandKenya 254. Seychelles Islands 248. Area Code 254. Country United States. State/Province Texas.The telephone area code is dialed before the local number. For area codes by city, search AreaCode.org.We also have Houston 832 area code information for the 832 Area Code and Galveston 409 area code information for the 409 The following telephone numbers in Kenya are destination codes for international calls terminating in Kenya as well as the procedures for dialling internationally from within Kenya. Until 1999, Kenya shared its telephone numbering plan with Tanzania and Uganda

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