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I want to arrange some Strings in alphabetical order. Do I have to write a program that looks something like this: String a String b if (a.charAt(0) > b.charAt(0)). Javascript.Question. Ive put together the following code to check if a string/word is alphabetically orderedThis has the advantage of being O(n) (sorting a string is O(n log n)). A character (or string) in Python is "less than" another character if it comes before it in alphabetical order, so in order to Once that is out the way then your code is correct and actually makes things alphabetical. About the spaces you want removed then you can use regex inside the function to remove the spaces and make it output just the characters in alphabetical order like this: Function makeAlphabet(str) var arr The string is a sequence of characters enclosed within single quotes or double quotes. The characters can be alphabets or numbers or even symbols. There are several predefined functions that have been written to work on and manipulate strings in Javascript. I have the following json string in javascript. This string contains a circular references. I want to parse this string in such a way that the reference will be replaced by its actual object.This is the most intuitive way to check if a five character String is in alphabetical order? I am trying to write a function that takes in a random string and returns them in alphabetical order. Can you please look at my code and suggest how I can fix it? Id like to maintain the spirit of my code as I believe I am close. Big thanks! How to arrange characters of a string in alphabetical order. JavaScript compares strings character by character and "a" comes before "b" in the You do say that the comparison is for sorting purposes. Define "outer string" and "inner string". Only as slightly OT as the above answers: I thought you would read the whole question. It is all clearly definedAlphabetical sort using strcmp question. Paging and dynamic sort order (ASC/DESC). The localeCompare() method returns a number indicating whether a reference string comes before or after or is the same as the given string in sort order.Initial definition.

Implemented in JavaScript 1.2. note that W will not remove numerals or underscores. If you want them removed and do not want more than one "" between words or a "" at the beginning or end of the string, then try it like this