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1. How to restore a new iPhone from iCloud backup?You get the error message There was a problem loading your iCloud backups. Try again, set up as a new iPhone or restore from iTunes backup. My new iPhone 5 wont let me in at all. It asks the same questions as you have, wanting to set up as new or from Backup, and I choose FromIf I press the button on the iPhone, while connected to iTunes, the iPhone asks my country etc, I get to choose whether to restore or start as new. Setting up from new is also time consuming. You have to reorganize the new phone completely from scratch and then re-learn where you put everything.After upgrading to a new iPhone, is it better to restore from backup or set up as a new phone? Add New Question. If I restore my iPhone from iTunes back-up, will my photos stay on my iPhone?This version of How to Restore iPhone from Backup was reviewed on May 9, 2017. One of those errors is when iTunes cant restore from backup for your iPhone/iPad. Thats kind of a very bad spot to be in, especially if all the important data is locked up inside the backup. The phone will restore to whatever state the phone was in when that backup was made.« Setting up Gmail on iPhone 5 | Bizarre Iphone 5 problem. Desperate for a solution and Apple cannot solve it. During setup — after signing in to iCloud — iOS will ask if you want to restore your device from a backup, or set it up as a new iPhone. I set up from new on my 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. Since I have an Apple Watch now I didnt want to lose all the activity data I had so my only option was to restore from an encrypted backup.Can not tell at this point if the issue is hardware related or restoring from an iPhone 5S back-up. Donald Barar. I got my iPhone 4 about a week ago. When I got it, I selected in iTunes Restore from Backup as what the guy at the Apple store told me to (andIf its a new phone with nothing on it and your itunes (which Im assuming your useing) has only had an ipod on it then you should set up your phone as new. Click Set up as new iPhone to set the iPhone as a new device or click Restore from iCloud Backup so as to restore previous iCloud backup to your iPhone. Hes right, of course. You should have seen his jaw drop when I explained that I dont restore backups after purchasing an new [company]Apple[/company] iPhone I always set them up as new handsets. Restore iphone from backup on new computer,how to backup itunes library to computer,where does iphone backup go on pc windows 7 enterprise - Reviews.

Posts 36 Posts re: Should I Set Up My iPhone 5 Replacement As New or Restore From Backup? The Reasons Why You Cannot Restore iPhone BackupSet Up, Update, and Erase Your iOS Device to Restore Backupthe Apps Data screen on your iPhone, tap Set Up as New instead of Restore from Backup. After backing up the data on the old iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, use the same service to restore the backup file to your new iPhone.5. Click to select the radio button next to the restore from backup option in the Set Up Your IPhone pop-up window.

After you have restored to iPhone factory setting, it will reboot as if it was brand new and go through the standard new setup procedure that all new iOS devices go through, and can then either be set up as new or restored from a backup. should i set up as new ipad or restore from iphone backup, published simply by admin at 2017-06-28 16:11:00. To determine almost all photographs in Setup as New iPhone or Restore pictures gallery remember to abide by this particular web page link. STEP 7 RESTORE FROM BACKUP Choose to set up as new or if you have a backup from a previous iPhone you can restore from iCloud or iTunes. For more information go to the Content Transfer section. If you dont have a backup to restore from, or dont want to restore from a backup, set it up as a new phone.Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged iphone restore or ask your own question. 4) turn on new iPhone and restore from your most recent backup.1) When you receive the new phone, during the initial setup, select the option to set it up as a new phone rather than restoring from iCloud. A friend of mine has never connected her iPhone 6 to iTunes, and she wants to make a local backup so she can restore it to her new iPhone 6s .iTunes prompts her with the set up as new iPhone or the restore from backup options. If youve already set up your iPhone youll need to erase/reset it to be able to access the restore from iCloud Backup option as it is part of the initial setup process. Keep in mind if there is any new information on your iPhone now that isnt included in your last backup Backing up your iPhone data is important to you to keep your data safe.Once you have a backup, you can easily restore most of the important information to a new or recently restored device. All you have to do is connect your iDevice to your computer and start iTunes. When youre setting up your new iPhone, you can initially set it up as a new iPhone, and update to the latest version of iOS 10, and then Erase All Content and Settings (Settings > General > Reset) and restore the data from the iTunes or iCloud backup. You can choose to set up as a new device or restore from your backup.For example, you could restore an iPhone 5 to a backup made on an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. 1. How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup. Two methods are provided by Apple for making backup of your iPhone or other iOS devices: iCloud or iTunes.Step 1Power on your new iPhone, you should see a Hello screen. For those who have already set up device, you need to tap Settings > General How to set up your new iphone 5s from an icloud backup and another iphone 5s this time how to restore your old iphone or even ipad or ipod touch on our new iphone 5s with icloud first how to set up your new iphone 5s from anShould I Set Up As New Ipad Or Restore From Iphone Backup. If you backed up via iTunes, connect your iPhone to the computer that you backed up to. iTunes will ask if you want to restore from backup or set up as new. How is everyone going to setup their iPhone 5? Is it better to set it up as a new phone and download all the apps individually or restore from a backup? I just want to make sure my phone runs as fast as possible. Should You Set Up Your iPhone As New Or Restore From Backup?But when moving from one major version to another (example: backup made on iOS 11.x to iOS 12.x), you should choose Set Up as New iPhone option. You will be prompted by Setup Assistant by a new iPhone to set up as a new phone or restore from backup. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into the charger.

Select the option Restore From iCloud Backup. The iOS version of your device should be newer than that of your iCloud backup, or you cant restore your device and have to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest version.Step 2. Set up your iOS 9 device by restoring from iCloud backup. When setting up iPhone 6/6s (Plus) or iPhone SE in iOS 9, you have 4 choices: Restore from iCloud Backup, Restore from iTunes backup, Set Up as New iPhone, and Move Data from Android. 5. Click Erase [device] to erase your device and its passcode. 6. Now you can either restore from a backup or set up as new. Restore disabled iPhone from iCloud backup with EaseUS iPhone data recovery tool. Whenever you set up an iPhone, whether that be out of the box after purchasing it, or after doing a fresh iOS restore through iTunes, you are given four options as part of the setup process: Set Up as New iPhone, Restore from iCloud Backup, Restore from iTunes Backup or Move Data from Android. 7. You should not see the Set Up iPhone screen. Apple presents three choices: Set Up as New iPhone. Restore from iCloud Backup. Restore from iTunes backup. Tap on the second option. Heres how you should backup and transfer content from your old iPhone over to your new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus! Again, you can either use an iCloud restore/backup, or an iTunes restore/backup. STAY UP-TO-DATE! . Im trying to restore my new iPhone 5s. I connected to iTunes and restored it. I enter the language, country and connected it to my Wi-Fi network. When I hit next it asks me if I want to Set up new iPhone or Restore from iTunes backup. Any suggestions? The problem that iPhone wont finish restoring from iCloud backup are mainly caused by slow network connection, and large file size also plays a part.A Detailed Guide about How to Set Up and Activate New iPhone X/8/8 Plus. Note: iTunes does not support restoring a backup from a new version of iOS to a device using an older previous version of iOS, so update everything. How Back Up to iCloud. Backing up your iPhones data to iTunes is a pretty straightforward process. Step 4: When the backup is complete, disconnect your old iPhone from your computer. How to restore using an iTunes backup on a new iPhone. Now that the backup has been completed we are going to to setup your new iPhone using that backup. On this video we will perform a full reset on a iPhone to delete everything on the phone just like if you had a brand new phone, How set up you phone as a new iPhone without restoring any backups and how to transfer your backup to a new phone or restore it back to your old iphone. Step 4. From the pop-up Restore From Backup window, choose your desired backup, and hit Restore.If arent, you need to: 1) Get access to Apps Data screen on your iPhone, and then choose "Set Up as New iPhone". Those who are new to iPhone, are the main beneficiaries of the set up as new iPhone option as they do not have any previous iOS backup to restore from, but a clean start is also helpful in many other cases. How to Restore iPhone From Backup. Dean Belcher/Stone/Getty Images.No need to set up a new account. Youll also be asked to register your phone fill out the required information to do so. [] new state for a new owner to configure, complete the setup as a brand new device yourself, or restore from a backup if you initiated thehi guys i need help, i purchased a second hand iphone 5c ios 7 it was working fine for me but then i decided to give it to my son, i want to set it up as brandnew Every year, after the release of new iPhone or iPad, there are new Apple users ask the same questions: whether to set up iPhone as new or restore from backup? how to get to apps and data screen to restore iPhone after initial setup? i just got the iphone 5. i am setting it up now. i had an iphone 4 before and i want everything transfered over. do i set it up as a new phone or restore from itunes backup? iOS: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device. Im trying to restore my new iPhone 5s. I connected to iTunes and restored it.If you dont have a backup to restore from, or dont want to restore from a backup, set it up as a new phone. Restore iPhone data from backup. We give you, FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool.And another great thing about this software is that even if you havent backed up your data, you can still recover them directly from your mobile device. Click "Restore from Backup" at the bottom right corner, and then choose a backup file from the pop-up window and restore the whole file.Before restoring lost data from iCloud backup file, you need to set your iPhone as a new one.

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