textarea cols not working bootstrap





Textarea with class col-lg- Issue 8652 twbs/bootstrap GitHub.Tagged bootstrap textarea col md bootstrap textarea disable resize bootstrap textarea height auto bootstrap textarea max width bootstrap textarea width cols textarea bootstrap example textarea width 100 not working Set textarea width to 100 in bootstrap modal. jQuery datepicker not working in IE9 with dynamic textarea added. Entered text causing textarea to expand outside of div after form submit.div class"form-group col-lg-4"> <. . If I change the value of :rows, it works. But it stays at the default cols whatever value I set with :cols >. Column width wont change. I viewed the html source and it reflected the change.

I wonder that bootstraps CSS might be the suspect Home Forums Frameworks Twitter Bootstrap Twitter-Bootstrap [SOLVED]: glyphicons bootstrap icon not align with textarea.Keymaster. Question. The glyphicons icon is hihger than textarea input.